We are now living in an era filled with amazing technologies. Life is way easier than before and so with interactions. Right now, perfect relationship is transforming into a vague concept. However, how is intimacy evolving in this modern day?  Find out.

Sex And Intimacy

It comes as no surprise that we spent roughly £15 billion every year globally on adult entertainment niche alone. However, with the advent of virtual reality porn and robots, the less we need the presence of a human partner. In fact, we don’t need to use our imagination and sexting to satisfy one’s sexual cravings. These new discoveries are changing slowly the line between fantasy and reality. Sooner or later, we might not even indicate the difference.

The Emergence of Robophilia

In ‘Humans’, a television drama in Channel 4, John Goodman-Hill portrayed Joe’s role who decided to trigger the adult programming right on the synthetic robot he purchased for his family. He planned to have an intercourse with her.

The setting of the show is in parallel world depicts a humanity where the newest trend in each home is a humanoid. The robots are set to babysit children, perform household chores and even have sex with a human every time they need.

While it’s a fiction, the show illustrates a notion which isn’t as idealistic as it may seem. According to reports, Abyss creation made the very first silicone sex doll during 1996. Recently, working on their own sex robot.  Harmony, as what they call the gynoid boasts several hyper-realistic features which allow her to act like a human. Created through artificial intelligence, no doubt that she can respond and understand to everyone. Not only that, her program includes even jokes.

But could they really affect our sex and love lives in the future?

Dr. Ian Pearsons, a futurologist predicted the fame of future discoveries for PR companies.

Actually, he stated in a report he created for Bondara, an online sex company, he has foreseen that in 2025, humanoid robots will dominate wealthy household. Then, having sex with a robot will be more common by 2050. Furthermore, the man highly believes as well that it is inescapable for people to fall in love with a humanoid.

The introduction of robotic toys and virtual reality porn

Other than that, virtual reality porn and toys are also evolving. We’ve seen how VR making its revolutionary improvement along with warfare and healthcare. However, innovative and immersive porn videos and adult toys are modifying entirely the adult entertainment industry.

Kiiro, an organization situated in Amsterdam, is just one of many firms who created virtual reality sex toys.  Recently, they introduced a certain interactive sex toy designed specifically for partners in a long distance relationship

No matter how experts view these latest and future sex technologies, it is undeniable that we can already find sex everywhere. Indeed, it’s good news for people who are having a hard time in looking for love. For couples, it can be a great way to stay stronger even they’re a hundred miles apart.

The Future of Virtual Sex

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